Elohim Cleaning Contractors Inc. was born after Theodore Moore Sr; a union construction laborer at the time for over 15 years had a life changing conversation with his daughter Sirena Moore. Both Theodore Moore Sr and Sirena Moore were employed at a very large construction project in Lansdale, PA where Theodore Moore worked as a Laborer Superintendent and Sirena Moore, a teenage mother, worked as an office administrator. There had always been conversations about starting a family business and after gaining access to the final cleaning portion of the contract where both individuals were employed the decision was made.

Theodore and Sirena noticed that a final cleaning contractor had been awarded a six figure contract to do work that Theodore and his crew had already completed. Both individuals saw an opportunity for a very valuable service within the industry. In 2002, about two years later Sirena began searching the internet to gain information about business planning and start-up resources. By this time, Sirena sacrificed two nights out of the week to attend a business plan class offered by the Women’s Business Development Center in Philadelphia, PA. Meanwhile, Theodore Sr. and Jr. began accepting small debris removal projects. This was only the beginning. On June 19, 2002, Theodore Moore Sr. made the appointment with the attorney and Elohim Cleaning Contractors was incorporated.

Although start-up was very difficult it was not impossible. The family put their heads together and made some very hard decisions. There was no start-up capital so the first employee was paid with Theodore’s unemployment check. Sirena did all administrative work, marketing materials, contracts, and more in the evening so that she could continue working full-time in order to provide for her twin daughters. Theodore Jr. assisted Theodore Sr. with all field duties. The office was Theodore Jr.’s bedroom at the family home. Having no start-up capital was not enough to stop what Elohim started. Elohim Cleaning Contractors has now surpassed the million dollar sales mark in under five years. Elohim has managed to provide full-time employment for every officer and has employed many minority men and women with very diverse backgrounds.

It has been said and proven that many businesses fail within the first five years of business. However, Elohim Cleaning Contractors has managed to make it past the five year point. The first few years were spent organizing and finding our niche within the market. Strategic and Operational Plans were put in place to foster company growth. Revenue exceeded $1.8 million in 2008 which has allowed Elohim to maintain payroll for ongoing projects, renovate current office space, purchase office equipment and acquire new and used equipment and vehicles for use at various job sites. Elohim has faced many obstacles that most small businesses face such as a declining economy and lack of working capital. At times Theodore Moore Sr has paid employees out of his own personal account in order to avoid laying anyone off. 2011 Sirena Moore resigned as President to pursue her dream as a business developer and motivational speaker. However, we believe that proper planning and the favor of God have been the keys to success for Elohim Cleaning Contractors Inc.


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